Monday, June 21, 2010

The week that was.

So um, last week I had surgery, which is why I wasn't posting anything. I'm not getting into much detail except to say that the ticker is fixed now and peeing in a bedpan is WAY harder than it sounds. Seriously. It was like the pee went back inside to wait for a proper toilet. Well that and having a nurse pull a giant tube from your artery while you're lying there TOTALLY AWAKE is not fun. Anyway, I'm all recovered now and everything is back to normal and blah blah blah. Just wanted to update the 3 of you that might be concerned.
Aaaaaanyway, aside from recovering, we spent Father's day putting up a pergola for the back patio. We were sitting outside on Thursday and it was so bloody hot and our patio is totally sun exposed all day and I was complaining that it was hot and sucking and wouldn't it be nice if we had a pergola and then WHAM, we go to Target and they have them. We could have gone and bought the lumber and designed it and built it but considering our vast lack of free time, building a large wooden outdoor structure was probably not going to happen so instead we spent 5 hours assembling one that some nice factory made for us. We got the whole thing up minus the retractable canopy which hopefully will go on tonight so I can sit under it tomorrow like a lady of leisure. Well, I can sit for 2 minutes until Max eats dirt or tries to catch a bunny or flings himself down the hill or whatever else his little brain deems a good idea. Here's how it looks in our new resort-like backyard.

I'm kidding of course. If you paid for a resort vacation and ended up in my backyard, you should be really pissed because it's mostly weeds, rocks, mud and matchbox cars. It's not a fun place. BUT LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS PERGOLA, AMIRITE?!

Anyway, while Max took what some might call a nap, I call it "47 minutes of near silence," I decided to paint the fireplace. I should have taken before pics but that require planning and forethought, neither of which cross my mind. It was normal brick color before, albeit dirty and old and in need of tuckpointing, but the white makes it look nice and new. It's also motivated me to get my ass in gear and paint the rest of this place. I have a billion paint chips taped to the walls and inevitably the one color I want isn't available at Home Depot or Lowe's so I have to go to an actual paint store and I equate that with $$$ so that sucks because I am CHEAP. However, I'm not painting this damn thing again so I'm springing for the color I want. I had planned on starting in the kitchen but that's just too overwhelming to think of right now so I'm starting in our bedroom (bawm chick a wah wah) because there isn't too much wall space, although I've designed this grid thing and that's going to take planning and time and I can't even decide on the wall color so maybe I'll start in the living room instead.

Or maybe I'll just go sit under the pergola. Yeah, that sounds much better.


Kait said...

I vote pergola.

Also, I was worried about you. Glad to know your heart is fixed and still ticking. I find it incredibly reassuring to know my own heart is beating so I assume you feel the same way.

And OMFG I need to paint this house so bad but the thought of tackling the living room/foyer/hallway that need is worst makes me want to curl up in my closet with a bottle of vodka and just cry. I like painting. I just don't like painting over the disgusting dark brown color they put in this house (someone found some clearance paint is my guess - it's dark. and ugly. and looks cheap.) and I really don't like painting the big giant walls of doom in my living room. They're tall. And doom-tastic.

But, back to the important part, I'm glad you're alive after surgery. Good job on living.

Amy, Jeff and Kimchi said...

Kait, that's my problem as well. I don't mind painting, hells bells I did it for pay at one time in my life, but our walls aren't in the greatest shape and preparing the cabinets for paint seems like such a huge pain in the ass right now despite the fact that I complain daily about how much I hate the cabinets. I probably painted over fireplace dirt because I was only so concerned with cleaning it beforehand. Jesus, I am really lazy.

LM said...

The pergola turned out nice. I will enjoy sitting under it when I'm over there and it's not 90+ degrees.

Connie said...

WOW -- that looks DELUXE! Can't wait to sit under it and watch the boys do mad car trix down the hill. Glad you are feeling well enough already to do manual labor. Geez, take more naps, please or yes sit under the pergola and try not to get a striped tan.