Sunday, November 1, 2009

Godzilla vs. Halloween

So, Saturday was Max's first REAL Halloween, considering he was only 6 months old for it last year and I don't even know if they celebrate it in Korea. I should google that. Anyway, we don't ever stay at home on Halloween because no one every trick or treats in our neighborhood because you just never know if you'll get a Snickers or a half-smoked Camel Light. Her neighborhood is suburbia ground zero and has lots of kids so I knew he'd have fun. All the grandparents, along with LM, my other sister Jessica and her boyfriend and my brother's parents all came out to see him in action. It was quite a show to see all these adults going nutso over one little kid and he sucked in every little bit. Spoiled??!! OF COURSE NOT.

We started the festivities with a pizza party so everyone could relax and chat and play with Max before the morphed into a frightening creature. Here he is showing us how bored he was with what we had on TV. He apparently was not interested in football or CSI. He was interested in showing off his mad skillz on the GEE-tar. He loves Auntie Laura's guitar and since she let's him to whatever he wants, he gets to play it. I decided to celebrate the occasion with a cake (shocking, I know) and brought along a spooky ghost.

Finally, after we had all eaten and waited until the sun started to sink, it was time. Soon, we were invaded by the ferocious lizard monster hybrid known as GODZILLA.I don't think the real Godzilla wears an Old Navy dragon costume but SUSPEND YOUR BELIEF. I also don't think Godzilla wears ratty old Airwalks on his mutant feet but I digress. We were worried that the costume wouldn't last since he didn't do so well on the dry runs at home, but surprisingly he kept it on the entire time. It was so freaking cute. Here he is sassing it up from the back:
GODZILLA IS NOT AMUSED. He was kind enough to sign some autographs for his grandpa Larry, though.

We brought the wagon with us and soon me, Jeff, Auntie Laura, LM, Jan, Cliff and Godzilla were headed out to rid the neighborhood of it's candy. It was quite a scene. Six adults walking around with one little lizard monster hybrid. Here he is attacking grandpa Cliff.
He wasn't sure what the hell was going on and when we went to the first house he tried to go inside, but after the 3rd or 4th one, he kinda figured it out and when we would leave the house, he would run squealing down the driveway clutching his glowsticks. Between houses he rode in his wagon because his costume was kinda front heavy and he would occasionally topple over face first. Overall it was a huge success and we can't wait for next year because he'll be older and I think he'll know what's going on a bit better and have even more fun. I'm also looking forward to thinking up his next costume because I probably only have one more Halloween before he has an opinion on it AND we're doing a group costume. Look out world.

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