Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Roundup

So, we were quite the outdoorsy family over weekend. Saturday morning, we took a bike ride on the Katy Trail. It was Max's first time and he made it about 4 miles before he decided it sucked so we had to turn around and head back. I wasn't too upset since my ass was totally numb at that point and realizing I had to bike another 4 miles back to the car didn't really make me jump for joy. Anyway, we made it back and it wasn't as bad as I had complained about it being so I'm sure we'll do it again. It was unseasonable chilly when we went out so it was a hoodies and shorts kinda day. Here's Max pre-ride:
I think he's checking the tire pressure or something. He is handy to have around. I tried to take more pictures during the ride but Jeff forgot my helmet and I couldn't steer and use the camera without careening off the side and I wanted my brains to stay IN my head so that's all you get.
On Sunday morning, we took Maxi-poo to the park. We usually go to the little one by our house but it's kinda boring so we've been venturing out to fancier parks with more fountains and less cigarette butts on the ground. Only the best for my child. This time it was Tilles Park in Ladue, which for those of you not from here, is a VERY ritzy suburb of St. Louis. I had taken him there once before during the week with our pals Connie and Louie, but Sunday morning was a whole different beast. As Jeff so eloquently put it, "I can smell the douchebaggery." It was full of fancy parents in cute clothes clutching their Starbucks cups. There was a lot of cologne and perfume involved, which probably wasn't the best idea since there were bees everywhere but that's not my problem. I didn't even brush my hair let alone made sure I smelled good. Maybe that's why no one talked to us. Scratch that, one lady did talk to us and she had crazy hair and tattoos so she didn't fit in either. We freaks stick together. Anyway, Max really loved the swings, especially the giant seats. Here he is mid-swing:

He was cracking himself up. We had a great time and I think we're going back next weekend. Here is the two of them as we were leaving. Jeff is the best dad ever.

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Anonymous said...

We go to this one also, no one talks to us either. I thought it was just us.

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