Friday, April 27, 2012

This was a good idea 10 months ago.

So, I know it's been like crickets around here but it's been a little busy. In between preschool, therapy and god knows what else, I've been preparing us for our first Official Kimchi Central Family Vacation and we leave tomorrow. Where am I taking two fidgety and loud toddlers, you ask? Well, Hawaii of course! Yes, I'm taking two toddlers, who can barely make it through a trip to the bank, 4,000 miles away to a volcano in the middle of the ocean. Go big or go home, right? I've been in a mild state of panic for a few days now as the reality of taking them on this trip is setting in and it doesn't help when people find out they're going and they're eyes get all wide like I just told them I sleep in a bed of angry bees, but the kennel would only take the dog so we will persevere. The nice part is that the flight is broken up so they will have time to run around LAX like little feral cats and get out a little energy before the big leg over the ocean plus we have grandparents in tow to help when shit gets real. My sister is already in Maui as I write this and will also be meeting up with us so I'm hoping that between 6 grown adults, we can manage to not completely destroy Hawaii.

Also, do you know how much crap you have to pack when you bring kids? A SHIT TON. My dreams of packing light went out the window a few days ago and now I'm just hoping I don't have to pay extra baggage fees. I also had a wonderful  fantasy where Max had his own little carry-on he could wheel through the airport like a little man but then when I bought one at Target, he immediately started swinging it around like a lawn mower blade so for the safety of everyone traveling with us, he now has an elephant backpack with a leash. Yes, leash. Ditto for Mia. These rascals are fast and I'm not taking any chances so people can put their judgement filled eyeballs back in their heads and clutch their pearls elsewhere.

I'm going to try to post some pics as we go but if not, aloha for now!

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flask said...

hello! random stranger here.

good luck with that trip.

remember that you are either having a good time or a good story to tell later.

am i a bad person for hoping you have at least a few good stories to tell when you come home?