Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The wait continues......

So, it's now January 5, 2011 and we've been PATIENTLY waiting nearly 6 MONTHS for Mia's paperwork and I'm going to go clinically insane if I don't hear anything soon. I read that there have been a batch of emigration permits submitted, but we don't know if one of them is for us. I will continue to update as I get info (or cry if I don't get any) so stay tuned (unless you have a life, in which case, carry on.)

Look, we've been waiting so long Picard up there grew a damn beard! LET'S GET ON WITH IT ALREADY.


Kait said...

Thanks for reminding me it could be worse. We've been waiting three weeks to hear what we need to do to switch countries, all the while staring at pictures of the little boys we've been told we can adopt. I AM LOSING MY EVER LOVING MIND.

Let's get drunk together. Promise we'll feel better until the hangover kicks in.

I hope you get news soon! Mainly because I want to see pictures of you crying when you hold Mia for the first time, but also so I can go back to feeling like my adoption is the worst one in the history of ever and therefore I'm allowed to freak out over a whole three week wait.

Amy, Jeff and Kimchi said...

Um, can you email me the details please?! I wanna know about the boys.

I know I'm whiny but SWEET JESUS let this thing get a move on.