Thursday, November 4, 2010

This blows.

So, we got our official word that Eunie will not be home until next year. They issued their final permits yesterday and we were not among the lucky ones. We were told they will resume in January and considering people that got their referrals as close as 15 days before us got their EP yesterday, I'm hopeful we're in the first group. Either way, she won't be home until probably early February.

Yes, this sucks and I would love to spout off a string of profanities that would make a hardened criminal blush but I will spare you. So now you know. Yes, we will miss her birthday but we're going to send her presents and I'm sure looking at pictures of your kid's first birthday is just as good as being there, right?


mary said...

Shoot, Amy. I wish this had turned out more to your advantage. Those pictures of her make me want to pinch her! Maybe an extra month there will enable her to figure out how to defend herself.

chrischaos said...

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