Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well Baby Check

So, we got a baby update yesterday! Sadly no picture but just imagine a really cute Korean baby when you read this. She's doing GREAT and can hold her head up and looks like she wants to crawl. Crawling doesn't seem to be a big priority in Korea because the moms tend to carry them everywhere so I'll be surprised if she starts. Please don't start with the whole "she won't learn math of she doesn't crawl" bull crap (yes, people really think this) because Max never crawled and he's balancing my checkbook as we speak. Anyway, she's about 14lbs, which is kind of small but they said she's not too keen on eating cereal and isn't gaining much weight on milk alone. They're also working with her on bearing weight on her legs, which is about the only delay they've found but considering she's in a carrier on her foster mom's back all day long, not bearing weight on her legs isn't really that much of a shocker.

She's also cute and cuddly, loves to get kisses and hugs from her foster family, is VERY attached to her foster mom and will cry when she is out of sight. While that may make you cringe, we look at that as a very positive thing because it means she knows how to form attachments with people and we know she'll eventually form one with us. However, that also means that our departure from the adoption center in Korea will be met with blood curdling screams as it was with Max. That part I'm not so excited about. Overall she's doing really well and hopefully she'll be home sooner than later.

Oh yeah, we're naming her Lucinda, or Lulu as she's known around here now. Or if you're Max, you can yell "WOO WOO" when you see her picture on the computer.


Kait said...

A friend of mine in high school named her baby Lilian Lucille so she could call her Lili Lulu. I like the nickname.

But my word verification word is "undead" - are you trying to warn me of an impending zombie attack? Or just expressing how you'll feel for the first six months as a parent of two? (or how I'll probably feel for the rest of my life...)

Amy, Jeff and Kimchi said...

HAAAAAAHAAAAAA...undead. That is some funny stuff and I'm just doing my duty as a fellow citizen to prepare you for zombie attacks. You really can never be too prepared.