Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tiny fondant things are quiet.

So, it's been kinda busy and weird and loud around these parts. This child is going through what can only be described as the worst case of the terrible twos that planet Earth has ever seen, so I haven't had much time or brain power to do anything other than plead with him to STOP WHINING, STOP THROWING, STOP YELLING, STOP KICKING, ETC. Seriously. This whining sound is horrific and it starts the second he wakes up (at freaking dawn no less) when he yells CUP CUP CUP and continues until he goes to bed when he yells CAR CAR CAR. All the live long day. It's slowly turning my brain into pea soup, which I hate. Who thinks pea soup looks delicious? It's like someone already ate it and it didn't agree with them (as my meemaw used to say.) Anyway, aside from that loveliness, I've been working on a wedding cake for next weekend which required many, many things I had never made before. Here are a few highlights:
Buddha (or Booba as Max calls him.)

cherry blossom tree

Shrek-style donkey

Yes, all these things are going on the same cake (don't judge) and as we all know, I LOVE tiny things so I've had fun making them. These are all about 3" tall at most with the exception of the tree, which is about an inch or so taller. This is my first cake in a while and I'm excited to get back into it. Tonight I have to make all the sugar flowers, mostly orchids, and the greenery so I might post pics of those tomorrow. Unless the whining makes me go completely insane in which case I doubt they'll let me bring my cake supplies into the loony bin.

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